Family.  It’s probably the one word that means the most to everyone.   Yet sometimes, we don’t slow down enough to appreciate it.  It’s likely not done with deliberate purpose, but simply because many things divert our attention.  Perhaps we allow the diversions.  But no matter where we begin our day, our travels, our business;  we always end up home with family.  

~ Sloping Sangiovese vines lead to Villa Cerna,  Castellina in Chianti ~

Recently I was fortunate enough to join the Cecchi family for dinner.  A casual evening spent talking about Tre Bicchieri, Vendemmia 2015, business plans, sons, mothers and daughters.  Sometimes, you can make family.  Sometimes you’re adopted.  It is hard to sit with these genuinely lovely people and not enjoy their company and their wine.  

We began with a flatbread of sorts, adorned with prosciutto and rucola. A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil made it even more memorable. Simplicity.  Sliced steak with roasted potatoes and sweet baby onions provided the adequate back drop for the evenings wine,  the 2011 Cecchi Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.
I wasn’t taking notes, but simply recorded a few thoughts while they were fresh in my mind.  The Cecchi Vino Nobile is sourced from trusted growers that the family has had a relationship with for many years.  Aged in large cask only, the wine is 90% Sangiovese and 10% other grapes such as Colorino or Canaiolo.  No foreign grapes are used.   
The color of the wine is very impressive, a deep ruby that trends to dark violet.  Aromas are forward and classic with bright berry notes and lovely tobacco undertones.  On the palate, it’s classic Sangiovese and the fruit gracefully sits on your palate.  Andrea remarked,  “it is almost sappy, like it slowly coats your mouth.”   There are benefits to drinking wine alongside the man that made it.  I don’t know that I would have ever used the word sappy,  but when he mentioned it,  I immediately understood what he meant.  The wine is clean and pure with good persistence from the cherry and spice notes and made a perfect pairing with the meal.  What more could you want?  90 points and a nice value around $22-$25 retail.

~ 2011 is proving to be an excellent vintage in central Tuscany and many of the Vino Nobile are exhibiting the charm of this vintage ~

Salute to Famiglia!

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