Tuscan Courtyard

~ The Courtyard at the entrance to Piemaggio ~

I’ve said it many times before.  Despite the romance we wine lovers ascribe to the production of our favorite beverage, at the end of the day, these craftsman are running a business. And businesses need, in fact crave, cash flow.

Larger producers generally have no issue with holding back vintages at the expense of cellar space.  However, smaller produces are often compelled to work in tightly cramped and confined cellars maximizing room at all costs while precious vintages mature to the parameters required by law.  It’s not easy and yet this is what makes Piemaggio all the more impressive.

Located just north west of Castellina in Chianti, Piemaggio dates back to the XIIth century. Owned and run by Larissa Karaban, the estate boasts some of the highest vineyards in the entire Chianti Classico appellation. In fact, the name Piemaggio descends from a contraction of Pieve (church) and Maggiore (high atop a hill).

Forest and Vineyards

~ The view of Piemaggio’s vineyards high atop the wood in Castellina in Chianti ~

Piemaggio farms only 12 hectares of vines.  As a result of the vineyard’s altitude, the Sangiovese grown here retains wonderful acidity and the bright floral aromatics Sangiovese is known for.  Karaban bides her time.  The epitome of this philosophy rests in the very nature of today’s subject matter which has only just been released.

While most properties are beginning to release their 2017 Classicos, Piemaggio is only just releasing their 2015.

~ Piemaggio’s vineyards are high and sloping ~

The 2015 Piemaggio Chianti Classico is a special wine.  Le Fioraie means “Flower Girls” in Italian and the legend swirling about this rosso is as compelling and interesting as the wine that bears its name.

Deep ruby with violet accents, the pedigree of this Chianti Classico makes an immediate impression.  Aromas of crushed cherry, bright floral notes, cypress needle, new suede and hints of mint leaves are glorious.  On the palate, the wine is so fresh and juicy.  So lively it dances on the palate. Mouthwatering flavors of crushed berry, fresh Alpine herbs and licorice are round, ripe and medium to full bodied. Long finish where the tannins begin to assert themselves.  Still, nothing here is amiss.  93 points. Do try to Find this Wine.  (It’s not yet fully released!)

~ Just a lovely Classico from a great Commune. I’d be very happy putting 1/2 case of this down in my cellar to watch it mature ~

Stay tuned in the near future for additional coverage on Piemaggio’s newest Riserva offering.


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