In the past I’ve written about Italian digestivi, and even about the apperitivo Campari, and although the subject of this article isn’t what many would consider a classic apperitivo, it is a classic cocktail, ubiquitous in bars from Roma to Venice,  London and New York.
The Martini is classic.  These days, the debate about Gin or Vodka is becoming less critical and I’m just as likely to make one with Bombay Sapphire as I am to use Vodka.  However, recently, I had the pleasure of being introduced to a vodka that took me by complete surprise. I was warned that it would be delicious so my expectations were high, and admittedly, I held a good amount of skepticism.  Not only did the vodka prove me wrong, but it hit the ball out of the park.   That vodka, is a hand crafted, small batch potato vodka called Boyd & Blair.
Naturally, I eskewed olives, in favor of giving this a slight Italian twist, and used perfectly ripened figs from the garden to accent this delicious spirit.  And so was borne, the “Figtini”®.
2 shots Boyd & Blair Vodka 
Splash Dry Italian Vermouth
2 fresh, ripe, perfect, figs
Halve the figs, eat one piece!  Skewer the remaining three and place in the glass.  Mix the liquor on ice. I used just a dribble of Vermouth.  This cocktail is about 98% Boyd & Blair.  Shake over ice vigorously.  Pour and relax.  The vodka has a slight sweetness to it, a smooth almost vanilla like extract. It’s a man in a perfectly dressed suit.  A sharp 1920’s gentlemen at a bar. Distinguished.  You don’t notice the heat at all and the vodka has a wonderful viscosity on the palate.  And damn if the figs don’t taste great after soaking…..

Boyd & Blair Vodka Figtini

Hand crafted small batch potato vodka:  There is a difference.  I’m a believer!


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