Bibi Graetz is a bright, energetic and young Tuscan wine producer.  His Super Tuscan, Testamatta, or in Tuscan dialect, “Crazy Head” is a pure Sangiovese that is sought after and acclaimed. While Testamatta is a special occasion wine which retails for around $100, you can fortunately taste the passion and vibrant skills of Bibi Graetz’s winemaking without breaking the budget. 
The 2011 Bibi Graetz Casamatta, is a brightly colored pure Sangiovese from vines whose average age is just greater than 10 years old. Fermented and aged in stainless steel, the wine is pure, fresh and bright.  In the glass, it’s a vibrant violet color and simply gorgeous to look at.  Aromas are easily coaxed from the glass and include pure crushed berries, earth, and perfumed lilac.  Very nice indeed. In the mouth the wine is straightforward with medium bodied flavors of crushed berry, earth and dried flowers.  This is a delicious Tuscan red that you can stock up on and enjoy regularly with a variety of foods.  And it is a wine meant for the table. Readers who attempt to enjoy this as a “cocktail” will be less pleased.
The name literally means “Crazy House” and indeed, it is worthy of being a “house red”.  What makes it even more appealing is the price: $7.50!   So for less than $100, you’ll be walking a way with a case of wine.  Plus, the screwcap eliminates any fear of cork tainted wine and for my money, all sub-$10 wines should be closed with a screwcap!   88 points.  Back up the truck.

2011 Bibi Graetz Casamatta – “Crazy House” – is 100% Sangiovese

A gorgeous shot of some the Sangiovese that makes Casamatta…

Sangiovese Vines of Bibi Graetz

 To learn more about Bibi Graetz:  Bibi Graetz

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