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Pollo Puttanesca

I’ve made Spaghetti Puttanesca many times.  It’s a classic and it’s one of my favorite and most comforting pasta dishes.  This recipe takes the basic preparation and applies it to chicken.  Done on the stovetop, this one pot meal is…

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I’m asked all the time:  “How do you make your broccoli rabe?”   “What about vegetarian dishes?”  Since you asked, I’ve decided to devote an article to a few of these delicious side dishes, or “contorni“.   However, with a wedge of cheese, a…

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Classic Ribollita

There are several classic dishes that evoke the heart of Tuscan cuisine, but when winter arrives in earnest, any discussion about soup begins and ends with Ribollita.    Ribollita literally means “re-boiled” and is thought to have originated in medieval…

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