“Making great wines is complex, a coincidence of circumstances is needed. Special climatic conditions, awareness and caring work in the cellar and finally a good dose of luck.”
And this philosophy extends beyond, to the nurturing of the vines and the grapes, so that they provide what they are given.  As owner Luca Sanjust often quotes the Beatles:  “and in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make…” 
~ View across the vineyards of Petrolo ~

Petrolo has roman origins, the name Petrolo comes from the term petroliarum (mansion-house or country residence) but older Etruscan settlements existed here already. Both the names Galatrona and Bòggina are Etruscan, the latter probably derives from an Etruscan family which lived and vacationed in these hills 3000 years ago.

Today the estate is run by Dottore Luca Sanjust and while all of the estate’s wines are excellent, today we’re focusing on one that is truly memorable;  the flagship Galatrona.  
~ Part of the Galatrona Vineyard ~
Galatrona is 100% pure, passionate Merlot.   I’ve been fortunate to taste dozens of vintages of this wine and it never disappoints.  It is opulent, elegant, exuberant and restrained.  In the hall of Tuscan Merlot, this has few peers.  You can keep your Redigaffi, I say Galatrona rules!  

The 2007 Galatrona is in a magic place right now.  It’s deep violet purple color is lovely to look at.  From a 3 hectare vineyard that gives the wine its name, Galatrona is biodynamically farmed and the wine is created by hand at every stage of production.  

Aromas emanate from the glass with precision and aristocracy.  Blackberries, licorice, menthol, and ripe herbs combine beautifully.  In the mouth the wine is juicy and ripe with wild berries, mocha, coffee, herbs, and leather notes that are seductive.  The texture of the wine is velvety smooth even though the finely woven tannins are still present.  You can easily continue to cellar this, but it’s hard to keep my hands off this now.  96 points.  About $85. 
~ 100% Merlot from Central Tuscany ~
For reviews of the 2009, see here:   More Galatrona
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