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~ The Le Due Porte Vineyard on the Il Palazzone Estate ~

The various Brunello from Il Palazzone have garnered lots of praise on these pages and rightfully so.  A few quick keystrokes in the search box will yield results as far back as the 2007.   However, I surprised myself when I realized I had to look back as far as 2014 to find a data point on the wine we’re discussing today; the Rosso del Palazzone.

The Rosso del Palazzone is not a Rosso di Montalcino.  Why?  Because it’s unique.  To garner an appreciation for why, I’ll let Estate Manager Laura Gray tell the story.

Rosso grapes at Il Palazzone

~ Sangiovese Grosso hanging at Il Palazzone in 2016; part of the representative blend of this Rosso ~

“Our Brunello vineyards are in three very different areas of Montalcino. Consequently each vineyard ripens at a different time and the picked grapes show very different qualities due to differences in soil, vine age, exposition and altitude. The ensuing wines are also vinified separately. We create an ideal composition for each vintage of Brunello by combining our three vineyards in different proportions, depending on whether or not we produce a Riserva and the vagaries of each specific growing season.

Occasionally we choose not to include a barrel of wine from one vineyard or the other in order to maintain the perfect balance in our Brunello. This wine, potential Brunello, is set aside to make our Rosso del Palazzone.”


~ I have had the fortune to wander the alleys and crevices of Montalcino with the purpose of doing nothing but seeking out cool pictures like this. I wish you my kind of fortune ~

The current release of the Il Palazzone Rosso del Palazzone is a combination of two phenomenal vintages blended in equal proportion; 2016 and 2019.  Depending upon the lot in question, the wine has spent 10-24 months in Slavonian barrels.  Following the wood maturation, the wine spends about 2 months in bottle prior to release.  As a result, this Rosso retains a wonderful degree of freshness.

In the glass, the wine is a brilliant violet color.  Without being decanted, it was immediately expressive. Ripe notes of crushed cherry, fresh floral tones and soft chestnut aromas are very pretty.  On the palate, the wine is wonderfully fresh.  Ripe, juicy, sapid notes of crushed wild berry are medium bodied and backed by sandalwood, tobacco and fennel notes.  This is better than some Brunello I’ve tasted from recent weaker vintages and is a very nice value.  This will easily drink well over the next 3-5 years and at its price point presents a very attractive alternative to the weaker vintage Rosso di Montalcino that are currently on the market.   90 points.  Find this wine.

Rosso del Palazzone

~ The most recent version of the Rosso del Palazzone is really wonderful. Comprised of 2 wonderful vintages it is an amazing value and portends the release of two excellent Brunello to come ~

If you want to be certain you’re purchasing the precise wine as described above, the Lot number is written in tiny font at the bottom right of the front label.  This is Lot 1/20 and in the picture above you can see “Lotto 01/20” in the lower right.


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