Sassicaia is one of the world’s greatest wines. 
As we traverse, there appears the certain time, when one must seize an opportunity, be it lost forever.  This is not a wine to be consumed regularly. It is not a wine to be dismissed as ordinary or looked upon with nary a glance.  This is art, meditation, and transcends mere descriptors. As this sat in our glasses it was evident that something special was before us.  There was greatness in the bottle. 
I feel it fruitless and weak, any words of mine that I may pen, that would adequately describe the experience of immersing oneself within a vessel of this nectar.  It’s bottled Tuscany. It’s a living, breathing, piece of the land that captures a moment.  As if it were a time capsule that was sealed the instant the cork was driven into the neck.  The soil, the sun, the wind, the rocks.  The care.
This deeply ruby colored purple wine is youthfully exuberant.  It’s harmony of dark fruits, leather, herbs, and spices lift you on its wings for a weightless transportation to the Bolgheri Sassicaia Estate. 
My good fortune, indeed permitted me to intersect with this wine.  Not in every vintage.  Greatness comes dear.  I have made the correct choice in obtaining the 2009, and I hope you can share in my fate. This one is special, and worthy.
Words damn with faint praise.  Moments are transcended.  Taste it and you will see.  Power, elegance, precision, charm, complexity, length, soul.  In fruit, in mineral, in rocky earth.  While it charms early, it assures if not guarantees that it will only reach far greater heights.  It needs not audacity, for the fact is certain.
Yes indeed, this one will improve but it does not have far to go.  99 points  $169

Sassicaia: 85% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Cabernet Franc

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