When snow derails train, road and other travel options, it’s best to hunker down, cook something delicious and raid the cellar.  As the latest winter storm rolled through our area, this is just what I did. 
Cantina Argiano sits atop a rolling hill in Montalcino.  A stalwart Brunello producer, like many wineries in the area, Argiano also produces a notable Super Tuscan blend, Solengo.  I’ve written about Solengo a few years ago.  It was delicious then and it’s still maintaining it’s stride. 
The 1999 Solengo  is a blend of  25% Cabernet, 25% Sangiovese, 25% Merlot, and 25% Syrah.  This blend has remained in effect through the 2000 vintage, when it was changed to simply a 60/40 Cabernet Merlot blend.  When Solengo was created, it seemed to me that it always lacked personality given the far reaching blend.  However, the wine is a smokey, sensual red right now.

The 2009 is a deep blackish red color, very youthful looking.  The aroma is that of a mature Sangiovese with Bordeaux like qualities. There’s toasted tobacco, crushed berry, leather and cedar notes on the nose and palate. It’s stately and refined.  The palate adds smokey complexity from the Syrah and a lingering peppery finish.  This is a wonderful wine and great right now.  94 points, about $40 on release.

~ Solengo & Cacio di Roma Formaggio: The tannins in the wine have greatly resolved & it’s throwing a heavy sediment ~

Suspecting that this Solengo would display a smokey character,  I decided to roast a simple chicken except that I wrapped it in hickory smoked bacon.   I also stuffed it with carrots, onions and celery.  The pairing was simply perfect. Fancy recipes are fun and great, but often times, less is more.  And in this case, quite apt.
~ Chicken wrapped w/ bacon – roasted mushrooms on the side ~


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