~ An ancient shot of Villa Le Corti circa early 19th Century ~

It may be everyone’s dream to ultimately leave their mark on world.  During your lifetime, to make an impact that lasts beyond your years walking the earth.  Legacy.  It is a paramount tenet at Villa Le Corti.

Villa Le Corti was purchased by the Corsini family in 1363, a decision that was determined by the high quality of the land and the close proximity to Florence which was so central to many of the family’s political concerns.

Located between Florence and Siena,  the estate extends over 250 hectares of land.  Forty nine of those are vineyards planted with Sangiovese to produce Chianti Classico while 73 hectares are devoted olive groves.  Owner Duccio Corsini and his family adhere strictly to organic agricultural methods to produce their products.

Villa Le Corti

~ Villa Le Corti sits among manicured vineyards and olive groves ~

Although perhaps not a household name when discussing Chianti Classico, the wines I’ve been fortunate enough to try from Villa Le Corti have been very impressive. Most recently, their 2018 Chianti Classico was pleasing and their 2016 Zac Gran Selezione was amazing. Located in Casciano Val di Pesa, it’s generally an area that is less notable than it’s more famous Chianti Commune.  Don’t overlook them.

The 2016 Villa Le Corti Gran Selezione Don Tomasso is outstanding!  Like it’s older 2015 sibling, Don Tomasso is a blend of primarily Sangiovese with some added Merlot.  The result is magic.

In the glass, the wine is an impenetrable dark purple color.  Fragrant aromas rise from the glass including crushed cherry, sweet pipe tobacco, fresh herbs and blue flowers.  On the palate, the black plum notes are silky and refined.  Accented with fennel, pepper and cured meat notes, this is fresh, juicy and vibrant.  A glorious wine that is simply a steal around $30 Euro.  95 points.  Find this wine.

Don Tomasso Gran Selezione

~ The 2016 Don Tomasso is a stylish blend of Sangiovese (80%) and Merlot (20%) ~

The Principe Corsini family website boasts a strong E-Store with lots of direct to consumer options.  I would check them out and see if you can #HelpItaly.


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