It seems like we’re always told that eating fish is a healthy part of the Meditteranian diet.  But let’s face it,  when fresh fish is often 3 times the price of a wonderful steak, it’s a bit hard to pull the trigger.  Two types of fresh fish I’ve been finding lately at reasonable prices  are Tile fish and Sword fish. 
The former was the subject of a previous recipe that’s become one of the most popular articles on this site.  But Swordfish… Are you tired of grilling it?  I was too.  And when a recent night was ruined by rain,  I was forced to try something different.

Pan Roasted Swordfish

I love swordfish for it’s meaty, steak like texture. When cooked properly, it’s moist and hearty.  The key is not to dry it out.

2 swordfish steaks, about 2 pounds total
1 lemon cut in half
1 large handful Arugula, chopped
4 tablespoons butter
Salt & Pepper to taste

Bring the swordfish to room temperature before you begin cooking. Season with salt and pepper and sear on the cook top in an oven ready pan. Beware: Have your blower running!

Sear for about 3 minutes per side and then flip carefully.  Sear an additional 3 minutes and then take the pan to the oven.  350 degrees, for 8-9 minutes.

At this point, the steaks will be done, but while they rest, you can finish the dish with an amazing pan sauce.  Set the fish aside to rest and to the pan, add the butter and the juice of half the lemon.  Once the butter melts, toss in the chopped arugula and stir to combine. Pour over the fish.  Serve with the reserved lemon wedges.  The peppery arugula and the tartness of the lemon juice contrast nicely against the meatiness of the fish and the butter brings it all together. 

~ Roasted Swordfish Steaks with Lemon, Butter, and Arugula ~

The chef’s plate…

~ The Chef’s Plate – with Contorni of Broccoli Rabe, White Beans, & Red Jalapenos ~


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