One word. 

When you hear it, your ears should perk up and you should pay attention.  Boo-Chur-Key-Ah-Lay.  

Selvapiana has been making this wine, from the eponymous named vineyard, since 1983.  The 1985 was legendary. That was the wine that turned me onto this vineyard. I commented as much to winemaker Federico Massetti at the recent Slow Wine tasting in Manhattan.  When I spoke with him, he was a bit reserved at first, almost too humble to admit his wine was excellent.  I told him that the 1985 was a benchmark for me and he smiled and blushed a bit.  Then I smelled and tasted the 2009 and told him how amazing it was.  He leaned forward and whispered to me, “it’s the best Bucerchiale I’ve made.”

He’s right. 

This was the first wine I sought out after the Slow Wine event.  I tweeted about it live that day.  I praised it in my write up of the event and last night, I opened a bottle with Bucatini all’Amatriciana.  The results were stunning. 

The 2009 Selvapiana Chianti Riserva Vigneto Bucerchiale is a benchmark wine.  It may be the best wine ever made in Rufina. It may be the best wine ever made by Federico Manetti.   In the decanter, the wine is a deep, garnet red.  In the glass there is little change to the color.  The aromas are intense and complex.  There’s flowers, mushrooms, ripe crushed berries, licorice and  a hint of game and smoke.  On the palate the wine is vibrant, with intense juicy fruit, licorice, dried herbs, tobacco, and a gorgeous persistent mouthfeel all the way through the long caressing tannin finish. Juicy acids keep the fruit fresh and vibrant the entire time. Harmonious balance.  I used guanciale with the Bucatini and the smokiness in the pasta sauce brought out the smokey/meaty aspect in the wine brilliantly.  96 points.  About $28.  Buy all you can find.  
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