Since Madre Natura is insistent upon turning up the heat, I am equally insistent upon quenching our thirst with crisp, dry, refreshing white wines.  Last night’s selection was the 2010 Fontana Candida Terre dei Grifi Frascati.
Frascati is an ancient wine and hails from the Roman hills, just beyond the southern outskirts of the city.  Historically Frascati has been called “the wine of popes and the people.” While the Popes drank Frascati daily, the people would only drink it on important Vatican occasions.  Legend says that during the papal elections of Innocent X (1644) and Clement X (1670), Frascati spouted from Roman Fountains, the marble nostrils of Marcus Aurelius’s horse and the Lions of the Capitol to the delight of the people who rushed to fill bottles and jugs with the wine.  By law, Frascati must be at least 70% Malvasia or Trebbiano with the balance typically comprised of the Greco grape.
The 2010 Fontana Candida Terre dei Grifi Frascati indeed evoked memories of Rome. It’s easy to imagine sipping a glass while overlooking the Piazza di Spagna.  In the glass, the wine is a medium straw color, very pretty and delicate looking.  Aromas are easily coaxed from the glass and offer lemon, grapefruit and shaley minerals with a slight floral perfume woven throughout. In the mouth the wine is crisp, bright and refreshing with citrus flavors and palate cleansing acidity. Delicious! Paired very well with roasted chicken and a radicchio treviso salad dressed with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice.  88 points. Approximate retail is $13.  Disclosure:  This bottle was an importer provided sample.

2010 Fontana Candida Terre dei Grifi Frascati – Crisp & Refreshing

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