~ Gates of Verona lead to Piazza Bra ~

Hail to the King!  

King Creso to be precise.  Creso, Italian for Croesus, is named after the ancient King Croesus of Lydia.   It is said that the first gold coins in the history of the world were minted in Lydia (modern day Turkey) and in that vein, only the “most precious materials available are used for Creso.”   Translation?  Grape selection is severe, is carried out by hand, and dutifully watched by winemaker Christian Scrinzi.

I’ve written before about the quality revival going on at Bolla and Creso is a prime example.  This wine is excellent and you should be seeking it out.  I can’t say it any plainer than that.

Bolla first produced a wine called “Creso” in the 1990’s as a response to the wave of success the Super Tuscans were enjoying, for Creso was indeed predominantly Cabernet. This sort of knee jerk reaction to the market was just the sort of judgemental error indicative to Bolla’s problems. After a lackluster response, Creso production was halted in 2001.  
Now reborn, the 2010 Bolla Creso is the first vintage of the re-invented wine and is now a Veronese IGT blend of 70% Corvina and 30% Cabernet.  What makes the wine unique, is that the Cabernet is harvested and then air dried for almost a month to intensify it’s flavors. At that point, each varietal is vinified and then blended together. Aging takes place in second passage barrique to ensure minimal influence from the oak.

It’s been almost a year since I included this wine in my Feature Article on Amarone and the wines from Verona.  I think it’s drinking even better now. 

Creso is a dark purple with violet reflections at the rim of the bowl.  It looks rich, aristocratic.  And it is. 
Ripe aromas of blackberries, Christmas baking spices, leather and fresh mint are plentiful on the nose and palate where the flavors are intense and well focused. Harmonic, without seeming monolithic.   The balance is nearly perfect and the wine finishes long and elegantly.  This full bodied wine is drinking wonderfully now and it’s perhaps even more complex than it was last time.  Despite it’s easy charm, the balance is there and I’m convinced this will cellar well for another 5-8 years.  93 points and a steal around  $17-$20.   

This may be Verona’s best kept secret.  Enjoy the Snow!

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