Finally….finalmente!  Some sun and warmer weather finally arrived this week and we at Tuscan Vines were more than happy to get outside, stoll the garden and sip a lovely, refreshing Rose.   

I think Rose is still a difficult wine for many, especially Americans, to appreciate.  Spoiled by the sappy, cloying nature of so many “White Zinfandels” people often incorrectly assume that Rose’s are sweet wines that don’t really have a place at the table.  The truth couldn’t be further from that supposition and the Rose’s I like best are typically the versions that are steely and dry.  That brings me to Centine Rose.   

I buy a few bottles of the Centine Rose every year.  I enjoy it alone, as an aperitif while I’m cooking.  I enjoy it sitting in the garden and with lighter dishes like this Panzanella or these antipasti.  My point is, this is versatile and tasty and incredibly budget friendly.  

Today we’re talking about the 2015 Centine Rose – a wine that comes from the next excellent Tuscan vintage and one that I think is the best example of this particular wine that I’ve tried. 
In the glass, the 2015 Castello Banfi Centine Rose  is a bright melon color – it’s pink with a sort of orange reflection throughout.  Like a fading summer sunset.  The aromas from the glass exude watermelon, strawberry, melon and white flowers. It’s more complex than I remember past vintages being.   

On the palate the wine is exceptionally fresh and vibrant – the vinous version of Saltimbocca if ever there was one.  Bright melon, strawberry, and mineral tones permeate the palate throughout and the acidity is freshing. An unspecified blend of Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet,  I suspect the first grape is the dominant portion of the blend.  Serving temperature is important here, so be cognizant of that and you will enjoy.

88 points.  About $11-$13.   Disclosure:  This bottle was an importer provided sample.  
~ I enjoyed a few glasses of this wine while cooking  and then took it out to the garden ~
E vero!
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