~ The Ramparts of Castello Banfi ~
When I first tasted dozens of 2008 Brunello, I was immediately struck by the aromatics of the wines and their openness on the palate.   I opined at the time that the wines were immediately accessible and would make for excellent near term drinking.   Numerous tastings since then have borne that premise out.  What’s more, the freshness in the wines from the acidity really keeps the wines alive and allows them to age well.  The bottom line is this,  I’m loving the 2008’s.  They are more typical and delicious than their counterpart 2009 Brunello which are generally overripe, which tends to lessen the complexity of Sangiovese. 
The 2008’s may not have the “most” of anything, but what they do have is balance and balance equates to delicious drinking and age-ability.  Will the wines improve with cellaring?  Not likely.  Of course some will as there are always exceptions.  However, what they will do is last well.  They will last in your cellar and as they now approach 8 years in age,  I see no reason to think they won’t drink well another 3-4 years if properly cellared. What more could you ask for?

With that said, today we’re discussing the recently re-visited Castello Banfi Brunello 2008.   The 2008’s are delicate, so I don’t decant them.  We opened this about 20 minutes before dinner and let it sit on the counter.  

The aromas from the glass are so pretty and elegant.  Crushed raspberry, flowers, spices and hints of Tuscan brush are co-mingled nicely.  There’s no doubt that what you have before you is Sangiovese – in purezza – as the Italians will say.  On the palate, the wine exudes feminine grace. Juicy, fresh berries coat the mouth and moderate tannins provide just enough structure before they are whisked away by refreshing acidity.  Berries, tobacco leaf, orange rind, and anise are all present in this 2008 that is drinking wonderfully right now.  I wish I had more and frankly will try to find some.  This even as most retailers are swimming with great 2010s.   If that doesn’t speak volumes, what does?  92 points.  About $45 upon release.

~ Lovely color to this elegant Brunello ~


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