~ San Gimignano is famous for its towers ~
There is a strong bond between father and son.  To a young boy, a father is a giant from whose shoulders you can see forerver.  Henry Van Dyke said simply:  “What do I owe my father?  Everything.” 
Gian Ambrogio Rosti was first created a simple man; a man who often worked fifteen and sixteen hour days in dirty, hot, dusty vineyards. A humble farmer who was not boisterous or outspoken, but taught his son all he needed to know about faith and hard work through the eloquence of his example.  In his honor, he was created a second time;  in the form of wine. 

~ Campochiarenti Vineyards ~

Campochiarenti lies in the Tuscan hills a mere 8 kilometers east of  San Gimignano whose famed towers can easily be seen on clear days.  I spent a long pleasant day there this July, where I discovered the nature of Gian Ambrogio Rosti, owner and winemaker Daniele Rosti’s father.  Gian Ambrogio passed away in 2008 and the subject of today’s article is an homage to him. 
The 2008 Gian Ambrogio Rosti is a wine crafted  in classic style – the way that Daniele’s father would admire.  The Latin phrase on the label ends with the term:  “Go forward in steadfast devotion”……  In that sense, the wine is traditional – comprised of 60% Sangiovese and 40% Canaiolo.
We decided not to decant the wine,  but opened it about 45 minutes before dinner.  I poured a small portion to enjoy while cooking and left the remainder to oxygenate slowly.   The wine is a deep, dark red in the glass.  Almost impenetrable.  There is an ever slight fade to ruby/brick at the edge of the bowl.  Like many 2008s from Tuscany,  the aromatics are wonderful with crushed black cherry, flowers, leather and anise merging elegantly.  On the palate, the wine has a medium to full bodied core of ripe crushed fruit with spice, leather and sweet pipe tobacco completing the package.  Botte aged, there is no hint of oak here;  just pure Tuscan terroir with a slight trace of mineral so typical of San Gimignano whose fields are strewn with clam and oyster shells.  2008 was the first, and perhaps only,  vintage for this wine.  Daniele told me he’s not certain if he will ever make it again.  But if he does,  it will only be in the absolute best of vintages.   
A simply gorgeous wine that paired well with chicken parmigiana, escarole & beans and Caprese salad.  A fitting tribute to a father and an equally fitting start to the Thanksgiving weekend.   93 points.  About $30. 

~ The traditionally made Gian Ambrogio:  60% Sangiovese and 40% Canaiolo ~

Happy Thanksgiving.

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