~ Campochiarenti’s Estate vineyards lie within sight of San Gimignano. Here the vines in late May ~

“We were able to put in the bottle, the Tuscan character that comes from our history and our traditions.  This is why we named the wine Vivi: it means “to live”, but mainly it is the nickname of the most important member of our family, our mother.”

The first time I met Campochiarenti winemaker Daniele Rosti, we struck up a conversation over his Vernaccia, a wine that is a unique example of the varietal.  His Chianti, Chianti Riserva and passion for his craft were almost tangible that day and so over the years we stayed in touch until I could visit his estate in Tuscany.  It was then that I was introduced to Vivi; the woman and the wine!

When you meet Vivi you come to understand her passion for life, for family and for the tradition of the land.  While you’re sitting in the garden savoring wine and enjoying various antipasti you quickly realize that what’s in the glass is going to be excellent. It simply must be.  Daniele has poured his soul into the bottle and he would not put his mothers name on the label in any other case.


~ This is one of the biggest sources of the Campochiarenti terroir. Their vineyards are strewn with sea fossils and oyster shells. These shells are over a million years old. You can easily see how large they are. The reds reflect this minerality but the Vernaccia really takes on flavors of mineral and salinity that are unique ~

The 2007 Campochiarenti Vivi  is a dark garnet color.  The wine is an attractive blend of 50% Sangiovese, 35% Merlot and 15% Cabernet and the non-native varietals contribute to the overall darker color of the wine.  We did not decant the wine and although this is nearly 12 years old, no sediment was observed.

This is wonderfully aromatic with scents of Tuscan brush, trace minerality and flowers that backs the core of crushed plum fruit that is fresh and powerful from the glass.  Juicy and fresh on the palate, this is vivacious with flavors of crushed plum, cherry, chestnut, worn leather and tobacco notes all backed by soft wood tones.  The texture is silky, velvety and although most of the tannins have faded considerably, the balance in this wine is near perfect.  Perhaps even more complex than the last time I enjoyed it, I am happy that I have one bottle remaining.  Vivi has only been produced once and Rosti says he may bottle it again, but it will be reserved for only the best vintages.  I hope that the does; though it will be hard to top this.  Available only at the estate.  94 points.


~ The 2007 Campochiarenti Vivi is an absolutely gorgeous wine ~

And yes, we tasted other examples….

~ Daniele is proud of his products and he should be. His DOCG wines are impressive ~


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