~ View of San Gimignano from Campochiarenti ~


There is a strong bond between father and son.  To a young boy, a father is a giant from whose shoulders you can see forerver.  Henry Van Dyke said simply:  “What do I owe my father?  Everything.” 
Gian Ambrogio Rosti was first created a simple man; a man who often worked fifteen and sixteen hour days in dirty, hot, dusty vineyards. A humble farmer who was not boisterous or outspoken, but taught his son all he needed to know about faith and hard work through the eloquence of his example.  In his honor, he was created a second time;  in the form of a wine.
~ Olive trees and vines at Campochiarenti ~
We recently enjoyed the 2008 Campochiarenti Gian Ambrogio Rosti;  a wine that perhaps can be best defined by what it is not.  We tasted it with a relaxed dinner together with another excellent Sangiovese that was best described as racy, refined, and maybe even sleek.  That is not the Gian Ambrogio and the contrast was distinct.  
The “GAR”  is  a deep blackish ruby red comprised of  60% Sangiovese and 40% Canaiolo.  The aromas from the wine are pure and precise with crushed berry, herb, tobacco, anise and more.  But it’s in the texture of this wine that you appreciate the difference from the other Sangioves mentioned above.  It’s soulful, content, graceful and almost stately. What it lacks in “racy refined sleekness” it makes up for in soul, and dare I say, passion.  It’s full bodied, a rustic beauty with long flavors of cherry, mushroom, earth and leather.  It’s frankly, comforting and was absolutely splendid with braised beef short ribs.   I’ve got more and I’m thrilled about that.  93 points.  About $30.  Grazie Daniele.  
~ Gian Ambrogio Rosti ~
E vero!
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